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tangrisser January 31, 2010 11:14 PM

Samsung DDR3 on 30nm [BetaNews]
Samsung announced that they will be producing 30nm D RAM starting later this year.

As of right now, Samsung is only fabricator that can produce 30nm D RAM

This will increase approximately 60% more RAM chips being produced.

And compared to some other companies who are still on 50 - 60nm technology.

They can be compared as producing almost the double amount of chips!

Can this be a good sign of RAM price dropping once again?

(According to the article.)

It was only about a year ago when RAM price was saturated and dirt cheap.

I hope this helps drop the price of RAM :biggrin:

[LINK] (Korean)

Kovok January 31, 2010 11:45 PM

Damnit, I just spent $200 on ram... oh well when DDR4 comes out I'll have some well kept antiques.

tri5cui7 February 1, 2010 07:59 AM

lol you have a release date on the DDR4?:rofl:

Kovok February 1, 2010 10:04 AM

Of course, it's marked on my calendar too!

Megaclocker February 4, 2010 07:59 PM

Cheaper ram ! And hopefully faster !

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