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Supergrover December 11, 2006 04:24 PM

ReviewDesk on Scythe Kama Meter multi-function controller
"Only the nerdiest among us use fan speed controllers and temperature probes, right? Well, thatís what I used to think - not anymore. I never tested out a multi-function controller that fits in the 5.25″ bay because, well, I never really cared. If I wanted my case to be quiet, Iíd put quiet fans in, and if I didnít care, Iíd throw in the most powerful fans Iíve got. As for temperature monitoring, I never really felt the need beyond using a regular thermal probe for testing purposes. To control my audio, I didnít need a knob on the front of my case, ícause I could just turn it down at the source, my powered speakers. However, my ideals have changed now, thanks to the Scythe Kama Meter. No, this has nothing to do with Kama Sutra.. get your mind out of the gutter! Honestly, I donít have a clue why itís called the ďKama Meter,Ē but I do know what ďKamaĒ means, beyond the Hindu God of Love, that is."

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sswilson December 11, 2006 07:27 PM

Looks pretty cool, but I'd have to find a silver 3 1/2" usb/firewire/sd slot panel.

One of the other things that I find puzzling (and seems common to all front panels with volume controls) is that it only controls one channel.

I don't know too many folks who aren't running at least front and rear speakers so it's kinda wasted.

Other than that I love the digital displays and the fact that you can select different temp probes.

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