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Babrbarossa April 11, 2007 05:18 AM

Danger Den Water Box Plus Case review by Club OC
This case was awarded a 9.5 out of 10 by the reviewer- personally, I'd like to see more flexibility for radiator options (it takes a 2X120), and I'd like to see more internal space, and easier access to the components. Great idea though, and I'd still trade my own case for it.


"The Danger Den Water Box Plus is a case like no other. By eschewing standard ATX designs, Danger Den has freed themselves to create a case that is truly unique and innovative. This is truly a case that is cut from a different cloth than any other. With that said, it must be mentioned that this case will not work for everyone. Those who have more "standardized" spaces where they place their PC towers may find that the Water Box does not fit well. Some may find the layout less than ideal, though for my uses it is perfect. Some will find the assembly process tedious, however, case modders will love it, because they will not have to tear it apart only to build it back up again. Essentially, this case is not for your "average Joe", it is obviously aimed at the extreme user, and a price of $209.95 reflects that. That being said, there are a few features that I would have liked to see, such as quick release screws for the top and right side panels to allow easier component access, and sufficient room to mount my PCI devices without removing the metal bracket. Since Danger Den is addressing this issue, it should no longer be a concern. I highly encourage anyone interested in this case to do their homework to ensure that this case fits their needs properly. Other than that, if the layout is something that you like, this case is definitely a winner!"

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