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Cptn Vortex July 8, 2008 04:59 PM

HMMMM Suspicious?!?!
So.....3dGamerman, everyone knows him some way or another. The video reviews....
YouTube - #964 - HIS HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 Video Card Video Review

Watch through that....tell me if there is somehting you recognize.... say, this image? From our own review here???


Look about 2:47 into the video clip! Looks to me like SKMTL's image EXACTLY, only with the water mark removed!! Someone lazy enough not to want to void their warranty for review purposes methinks!!!

death_hawk July 8, 2008 05:19 PM

Normally this wouldn't be really suspicious, but what draws my suspicion is the fact that everything else has a "live" GPU, whereas the removed shot is an image. THAT makes me suspicious.

Cptn Vortex July 8, 2008 05:24 PM

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Then Check These!!

Cheator July 8, 2008 05:31 PM

Check the power cord for the Fan. Its not there in the video.

Cptn Vortex July 8, 2008 05:36 PM

Yah, I see that. may have been removed

Mibs July 8, 2008 05:40 PM

Well the power cord could easily be edited out...I'm not sure if 3DGameMan would go that far to try and hide what he did...

Cptn Vortex July 8, 2008 05:50 PM

Looks like a rip off to me....... I noticed the terms and conditions here, Hardware Canucks - Computer Hardware Reviews, News and Benchmarks - contact

" Please note that the images posted on Hardwarecanucks.com which are watermarked with the Hardwarecanucks logo may not be copied or replicated without the written approval from the Hardwarecanucks staff. To receive approval please write to skymtl@hardwarecanucks.com."

Wonder what will happen when the guys upstairs see this....

MacJunky July 8, 2008 06:13 PM

Make a video that exposes him and post it on youtube? Nothing too harsh, just politely exposing and asking that he please contact you for permission first next time?
After all, if we piss him off we loose an opportunity to potentially have the HWC and SKYMTL names mentioned on youtube. If gone about correctly we might be able to get those names where more will see them and well, you know what that equals. :P

Though on the other hand ripping others off just so you don't void your warranty is really low and he may not be deserving of using images like that even if he asked.

SKYMTL July 8, 2008 06:21 PM

The site in question was contacted. They have denied it is ours even though I can tell you that it is either a damn good copy (which it really doesn't seem to be) or indeed ours. The fan angle is the same, the little dent I put in the ram's thermal pad is there, my lame reapplication of the VRM thermal pad is shown, the shadows are the same and when superimposed the images line up to a tee.

At this time we are still deciding what route to take since this usage is in clear violation of our Terms and Conditions. No, we were not contacted with a request to use it...a request we have granted many times in the past I may add. In addition, all diplomatic routes between the two sites was stopped at the behest of the owner of the site in question after we offered to allow them to use it as long as the watermark was reapplied.

I must say I am disappointed since I count myself as a diplomatic type of person and I wanted a quick resolution to this.

MpG July 8, 2008 08:36 PM

At the very least, doesn't YouTube pay lip service to not hosting copyrighted material without permission? Might be able to get the video pulled from there that way.

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