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Pelt November 9, 2012 04:41 PM

Console gaming is dying? Well CNN thinks so.
It seems like just a few months ago we were debating the future of PC gaming. Thoughts?

Why console gaming is dying - CNN.com

headsh0t November 9, 2012 06:51 PM

Well the consoles are how old now, 6-7 years and the 360 will be 8 years old by the time their new console is out? Add that to all the recycled games that are put out then yea people will probably get bored. I've noticed a shift in my circles as well from people who usually prefer console, playing mostly on PC these days. This is why I think the WiiU should have a big advantage being the first "next-gen" console to the market at the end of November. PS4/XBOX720 or whatever won't be out until around this time next year. Another big thing right now is that a lot of the popular titles on PC these days are Indie games. Even Minecraft recently became the most played game on Xbox360 dethroning Call of Duty. Not to mention kiddies love their tablets, so it's no wonder game sales and console sales have declined. Once the next-gen consoles are out, this will obviously change - except for maybe the Indie stuff, unless developers are allowed to make games more outside the box of what is normally being put out these days. I didn't read much of the article (I cringed from the terrible pun in the first line) but that's my opinion on the matter. I don't normally get my gaming news from CNN and I tend to think they're not the most expert on the subject :P

chrisk November 9, 2012 07:43 PM

Android/IOS/Windows RT will replace the console; maybe we will see another generation of console hardware, but mobile devices are the future. You will see a skinned Android device for Sony Playstation at some point, and Windows RT for MS Xbox platform.

dustin1706 November 9, 2012 09:17 PM

Well, I think there will still be a place for them for at least one or two more generations. After all, MS has sold over 70 million Xbox 360s.

I was always a big video game fan and I've had pretty much every console since Colecovision with the exception of dreamcast and PS3, and I've gamed on PC since Commodore 64. However, I don't think I will be getting the new Xbox or PS..... PC gaming seems to be at a place where the consoles just can't compete graphically and the games aren't all just poor ports of their console counterparts like many used to be. Not to mention the wider selection of controls and the portability of laptops.

I find that Wii is still fun to play when there are multiple people, but it's the simplicity of games like Mario, MarioKart, Warioware and Wii sports that makes it great IMO. The epic adventures, RTS and FPS are a better experience on PC. I will probably still pick up a WiiU, even if it is only for a few exclusive titles like Mario, MarioKart, SmashBros etc.

Also, smartphones and tablets have taken a big chunk of the market away from consoles. It still surprises me to see young nieces/nephews sitting in a room that has a Wii and Xbox360 and a 40"+ TV, not to mention that they have DSis, playing on their iphones.... but that's what I see happening all the time. I am curious to see what full Windows 8 tablets and some of the ridiculous small ultraooks like the Acer S7 will be able to run for games in the near future.

DarKStar November 9, 2012 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by chrisk (Post 669843)
Android/IOS/Windows RT will replace the console; maybe we will see another generation of console hardware, but mobile devices are the future. You will see a skinned Android device for Sony Playstation at some point, and Windows RT for MS Xbox platform.

I definitely agree with this, although mobile devices are so limited, it seems there is a market for everything. Consoles are not on their way out yet as there are new ones that will come out, but probably it will decline or remain steady. As far as PC, I was one of those back then that was skeptic about the future of PC gaming. One thing for sure, PC gaming is not going to disappear anytime soon, quite the opposite. What worries me is the quality of games (rushed games, way shorter games, playability, etc) compared to games of the past. I think some companies are focusing on eye candy first and gameplay last and games being too short.

frontier204 November 10, 2012 06:17 AM

I agree with the article, that the gaming console is dying. Even now they're being marketed as HTPCs (movie playing, web browser, etc). Continue that trend and instead of a gaming machine that does "other stuff", you get an HTPC that plays games. Microsoft is heading in that direction, pushing casual games on to Windows 8 / RT (if you own Windows 8, click on the big green Games tile to see this one).

One of the big advantages of the console before was the "set-and-forget" nature of the game where you'd "just" insert the disc and the game runs. I'd argue that has been erased actually by newer PC games and cell phone apps that generally work without needing any geek level of intervention. Since the console is no longer more "accessible", then it's only advantage can be the games, which aren't as good anymore :whistle:

As DarKStar mentioned, it would probably help if the publishers stopped rushing the devs to release a half-baked game for $60. The way it is now, I'm surely not going to get a new console to play Halo <Insert high number> or Call of Duty: <Insert subtitle> <Insert high number>; heck I won't pay full price for the PC versions either.

Pelt November 10, 2012 08:07 AM

I tend to agree with Headshots assessment of the situation. The market currently is just saturated. All those who planned on buying a console have done so the market will only support so much growth for so long, at some point it reaches equilibrium. I believe that is what we are seeing now, most people who may be in the market for consoles are likely buying used vice new as they know a new generation of consoles is just on the horizon.

In short demand for consoles is down therefore there is a surplus of consoles which in turn will put downward pressure on console prices (which we have seen most new consoles are bundled with games and peripherals), this downward pressure will result in increase of demand for the time being. What needs to happen in the console world is they need to put out a new product in order to stimulate increased demand.

chrisk November 10, 2012 09:44 AM

The big thing I remember about consoles is that the console makers lost money on the console and hardware in order to make up the revenue on the game-side. Took years for Sony and MS to break even on the hardware, IIRC.

This will/could be the model:

- gaming tablet with modest battery life due to powerful SoC. Still portable, but mostly meant to be parked in front of a TV most of the time.
- proprietary port for optical drive sold separately (since games would be purchased via online store, leaving out the brick retailers o course....). You want a BR drive? Buy it.
- ability to run apps from Android/Windows platform.

Once mobile/tablet devices get a bit more powerful, the console won't be needed...just a gaming skin/launcher for a high-end mobile tablet. Heck, they could do this now...just ask Qualcomm/Samsung/nVidia to produce a SoC with a more powerful GPU, with little regard to battery life (since the 'gaming tablet' will see a lot of time in front of a TV with easy access to power) and then game developers can start making games that will work on multiple devices.

Think TegraZone on steroids. Sony, with their experience with Android already, and MS with Windows RT, could do this very, very easily. Heck, they might even manage to not lose much money on the 'tabletsole' side.

edit: Son could very easily go one step further; integrate the SoC into their televisions, to make a 'Playstation Certified' television setup, so that folks could buy a television that could run on the Playstation ecosystem, giving people one less device to have sitting in living rooms. Would still have special ports and such for optical drives, controllers, etc.

headsh0t November 11, 2012 12:48 AM

In my opinion I can't see console gaming dying off that quickly because you still can't beat playing on a huge screen, on your couch, with surround sound when comparing it to a tablet. Chrisk, check out the OUYA that got successfuly funded through kickstarter. An Android console is already coming. In regards to the AAA titles I fully agree developers need to be given more time to flesh out games and do things outside of the box, but when a publisher is sinking tens of millions of dollars into a single game there do need to be deadlines and how can they justify taking a risk on a new type of game that hasn't been proven to sell well in the game market? This is why you will see people getting way more enjoyment out of playing $10 indie titles made by a few guys that are new and fresh. It's hard for a group of guys like that to get a game onto a console though due to licencing fees. XBLA has helped with that a bit though. This is why I'd love to see a console from Valve, where they could hopefully bring the same model they have with Steam to a console.

edit- article I just found

belgolas November 11, 2012 12:38 PM

I could see a slight decrease as a market share for consoles but I can't see them dying as no matter what a tablet will never be powerful enough. There just isn't enough space, cooling, and power.

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