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Babrbarossa March 7, 2007 12:59 PM

TechGage reviews the OCZ 2GB Flex XLC PC2-9200
This RAM is out of reach for most of us mere mortals, but we still like to know the state of the state of the art. In this review by TechGage which compares four sets of high-end RAM, the OCZ Flex PC 9200 is slightly outperformed by Corsair's Dominator PC 9132, but if you're aiming for a quiet, watercooled system, memory at this speed could use some H2O in the absence of good air flow- so for the extra 20 dollars or so, the Flex is a good value with it's stock XLC watercooled heatspreader (which works very well w/o water).

"OCZ has had so many product releases in the past year, it's hard to recount them all. Even in the weeks past, we've seen a new silent CPU cooler, gaming mouse and even a memory cooler. The gaming mouse is one that stands out to me. OCZ is already known as being a company for gamers, so it's only natural that they now extending their line to cater to their best customers.
Over the course of the last year, the memory market has been constantly busy, but not just with new kits released with higher frequencies. There's only so far you can push a module before it becomes boring, so everyone is trying a new type of heatspreader. Corsair is the only other to actually get a new type of spreader out. While there are many others with new designs, such as GeIL, none have actually surfaced for consumer purchase."

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