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Babrbarossa March 4, 2007 07:44 PM

Virtual Hideout reviews: GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II Liquid Cooling System
The nifty features on this kit are the valves that allow plug-and-play-like addons to the system, and safety system shutoff in case of component failure.

"WOW! That was a labor intensive install for sure, but wasn't as difficult as the instruction manual made it seem. GIGABYTE didn't leave a stone unturned on this kit: a lot of thought went into making this system upgradeable and user friendly. The automatic shut down is good for when a user may be out of the room and something in the cooling system fails. My favorite feature is the valve setup with shut off. This allows the end user to add a maximum of two additions to the cooling system, like the VGA cooler and chipset cooler, or maybe even some RAM cooling.
All in all, the 3D Galaxy II is a very affordable and complete watercooling solution for your computer. With the ability to plug and play additions to the cooling system without the hassle of breaking anything is a bonus. Simply remove the caps on the valves, push on the tubing to the added on cooling gear, turn the valves to the on position, and top off the reservoir. That's it, done, new gears added with no mess. The ability to adjust fan speeds is also nice, allowing the end user to adjust the system to a low noise level when not gaming and crank the fans up when the CPU is in high demand. Just keep in mind that a fan will only cool the temperature of the water a few degrees below the ambient temperature of the room. In closing, the GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II is a well thought out kit, sporting the ability to expand with the user in a plug in play fashion. I would like to thank GIGABYTE for sending this kit out to VH for review."

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