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PerryC May 30, 2011 01:29 PM

990FX with Phenom II x4 980 vs i5-2400 Comparison
Found this comparison over at Tom's a little while ago. Mind you it isn't using a new bulldozer chip, but it is interesting to read anyways.


matsta31 May 30, 2011 01:44 PM

So 990 FX vs 890 FX = SLi support + Hypertransport tweak for 8 cores and nothing else ?

JJThomp May 30, 2011 02:20 PM

I don't think that Tomshardware page really says much about anything... It's actually completely useless, It tells us a bunch of information we already know and the amd chips are intentionally clocked down because AMD is trying to keep things under wraps, They want the board manufacturers to test but they don't want any leaks. People have seen exhibits with the bulldozer chips and they are still underclocked because they don't want to release performance numbers.

The author seemed informed but I feel like this article is really unnecessary considering a 990 series mobo with an am3 processor is the same as an 890 mobo. Kind of redundant.

terrybear May 30, 2011 03:09 PM

990 is more forward proof + sli support vs 890 limited support. In the end it just looks like there making the platform to offer more options, know there was lots of users whom wanted to buy a amd system but cause of lack of sli support they went intel insted.

Hopefully this just helps/benefits us the consumer in general for example that sponsor deal I see there ... Gigabyte Z68x board $189 vs the 990fxa-ud5 on preorder from ncix for $199 ... say ya got a AM3 cpu based build, you gonna buy the intel board & new cpu or buy the am3+ board insted ...

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