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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
No, he isn't. It was totally possible to write the article without pointing fingers. Much like in the blog post about why he was "supposedly" cut off by NVIDIA.
He was providing information to back up his argument in the form of examples. You can call it finger-pointing or whatever other dirty name you like, but that doesn't change the fact that he is right. So what if he specifically pointed to other sites? It's not as though they don't deserve to be called out. If you want to talk about poor journalism, how about criticizing the other people who aren't bringing the facts to their readers and are instead misleading them? THAT is poor journalism.
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There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. A good reviewer is someone who knows how to do things properly and convey that message to his readers. A GREAT reviewer is someone who can point out flaws without resorting to school yard tactics. A good reviewer tells like it is. A GREAT reviewer does it but in a professional manner.

There are very few things in this world that are totally and utter garbage. Even if a product's positive attributes doesn't fit the needs of the reviewer (hell even if said reviewer doesn't think ANYONE will like it), a professional reviewer will not let that cloud his judgment and will convey both the bad AND the good of a given product. Doing otherwise does a disservice to your readers. Whether or not you think it is a "valuable" attribute or not you include it the review as it MIGHT be valuable information to someone else. You don't need to dedicate chapters to it, but ignoring it like it doesn't exist is unprofessional. There is also many different ways to review a given item. Different sites focus on different aspects, that do me can usually be considered a good thing as different POV's on an item is better then just one. Unless it is out and out fanboism / astroturfing / fake review, I don't think it is a reviewers place to PUBLICLY point fingers at other sites and denigrate them. As for giving a good review and then another item "blowing up a system"....ANY mass produced item will have variances. IMHO this gets back to why readers should read numerous reviews on an item. One particularly good or bad example will colour a review as that is the sample size reviewers are given.

That is my personal beliefs and that is why very few times will you ever hear me publicly say "that is crap" or "site XYZ is wrong". (Of course when I do say that...you can be pretty much assured it IS "crap"). It is one thing to grumble amongst your peers, its another to do so publicly. Hell it is even one thing to publicly grumble but it is another to post alleged specs before an item is released. That just came across as petty and did not add to his argument. HS is a good site, but that article does push my boundaries of good taste and I really, really wonder if there couldn't have been a more productive way of getting his points across. As it stands you can almost be assured that HS wont be doing NV gpu articles for a long while as that bridge certainly has been burned. Damn shame as like I said more POV's the better. :(
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Hmm....it doesn't seem HS fares well with nVidia or ATI. I mean...looking at the Video cards review page, he only has one reference card for review which was the GTX260 Core216 from nVidia. The others were all provided by partners. He wasn't provided with a 5870 or 5850 from ATI or any of the partners...

Also, why is CUDA/PhysX not relevant? Both are useful to some extent. Eyefinity isn't that relevant either to the 'average' consumer. The majority aren't going to buy 3 monitors just to have Eyefinity for games. Sure, it's good to know you can hook up 3 monitors (but isn't it good to know you have CUDA/PhysX for certain apps/games?), so on what scale is he basing how things are relevant to the average consumer or not?

It might not bode well with other companies if he's willing to leak inside information just because he's having a fit. So it might not just be nVidia's bridge he's burning here...the fire could spread.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy reading HS' PSU reviews which are rather excellent (but so is HWC/jonnyguru).
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Happy end.
If it ain't broke... fix it until it is.
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Told you....

Shows that NVIDIA is better than everyone thought they were in this situation and that Hardware Secrets DID over-react.

But let me guess, the conspiracy theories will still burn. I'm waiting to see someone (Charlie?) say that there really IS a black list and that NVIDIA was forced to bow to the....nevermind.
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