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SKYMTL August 23, 2007 05:24 AM

Corsair Padlock USB Flash Drive Review @ Metku
Today for our featured review we have a flash drive review from Metku.net. They took a look at the brand aptly-named Corsair Padlock USB flash drive. This thing is definately unique considering it has a combination code you have to input in order to gain access to your information.

Perfect for all those tin-hat wearing people who suffer from paranoia. :thumb:

From the article:

Now it is Corsair's turn to bring something new to the market; A
padlock drive with Pin number protection. I like the concept but the
idea alone can carry the product only so far. Let's find out how the
Padlock fairs up


USB Flash Memory device with Pin Code protection from Corsair - Reviewed by MetkuMods - Because you love your hardware!

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