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jcmaz May 5, 2009 06:17 AM

Request Review: Gigabyte MA770-UD3
i've been dying to find review for this motherboard, but could find any.

Is it possible if HWC does a review to this mobo since its quite new and its cheap too.

SKYMTL May 5, 2009 06:33 AM

Depends on how quickly you "need" the review and how many other people are interested.

Personally, I love these requests because it shows us what people are looking for at retailers which can influence the direction our reviews head.

jcmaz May 5, 2009 06:44 AM

coz its on sale w/ the AMD 7850 BE for 150 bucks. Looks like a budget winner to me

rapmaster May 5, 2009 07:24 AM

I'm interested too, it seem to be a good budget motherboard for AMD.

sa seba May 5, 2009 04:20 PM

Interested as well!

hertz9753 May 8, 2009 11:27 PM

I have a MA770-DS3 rev. 1 and I would very interested in this.

HuttFuzz May 9, 2009 07:19 PM

I give +1 to this. I'm looking to build a budget machine for my buddy, right around what i'm looking for as a Mobo, so i would be very interested in a review!

poohbear May 24, 2009 12:47 AM

anandtech did a mini review of it in their $825 system budget guide:

AnandTech: System Buyers Guide: PCs under $825

scroll down and u'll find the paragraph on it. I actually bought it based on that review and i couldnt have been happier. It has one of the cleanest and easy to use bios' i've ever seen (and im coming from DFI & Abit mobos). Stable as a rock & has ultra durable 3 parts. Currently has my x3-720 overclocked to 3.6 @ 1.5v & 2.6 cpu nb controller, but i had to give it alot of juice to get the 2.6 on the nb controller (1.55!! :0 very much worth it though, system is so much snappier and responsive at that speed!!).

ask away if u have any questions. cheers.

SKYMTL May 24, 2009 06:40 AM

You asked and we listened. The board arrive this last Friday.

We needed to wait a bit longer because Gigabyte had sold out and was waiting for the next shipment from Taiwan.

cadaveca May 24, 2009 09:10 AM

I gotta say, gigabyte has definately started to listen to enthusiasts pretty closely...it's nice to see companies listening to thier consumers!

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