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Babrbarossa May 16, 2007 02:17 PM

VR-Zone overclocks 2900xt Core to 1GHz!!
There have been a tidal wave of 2900XT reviews this week, with some of them reporting good findings, some so-so and some bad. So it would seem that much of it is up to interpretation. In some applications it outperforms the 8800GTS 640, and in some it is slower. Many people (including Shamino who did this review) interpret the 2900XT's inconsistent performance across applications as immature drivers, and predict that given it's excellent performance in some apps, that it will eventually be a true contender. It will also be interesting what this new Tesselation technology brings to the table when it is eventually supported by games.

But anyway- onto the review- this is a very long and very rigorous review- but perhaps the most fun thing about it is the extreme cooling that they applied to the card to overclock the Core to 1GHz. They used a little slab of copper to elevate allow the heatsink to contact the core surface due to the raised metal shim that gets in the way of conventional waterblocks (custom blocks are now on the market). It will be interesting to see what how this card fares in the coming months.

Not the fastest video card in the market for sure, but definitely holds it's own at it's current price-point. We only hope that supply will be adequate and not lead to an indirect increase in prices due to short supply. We hope to see some interesting implementations from various card partners as well, be it overclocked specifications, or improved coolers.
We'll be retesting the X2900XT vs GTS vs GTX again in 2 weeks with the latest drivers for both ATi and NVIDIA cards, and hopefully a DirectX 10 game or two!

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