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Babrbarossa May 16, 2007 01:16 PM

MSI p35 bearlake Mobos review but it-review
I just found this review of two bearlake motherboards from MSI. These things are covered in heatpipes!


Both of these motherboards worked without any problems when testing is concerned, so we had no BSOD or anything like that. Their performance is very close to MSI's P965 Platinum, perhaps the best motherboard for Core 2 Duo CPU's out there before Bearlake chipset came out. We're very encouraged with their performance out-of-the-box as we expect that with a few BIOS and driver tweaks they'll be able to leave older 965 Platinum in the dust. So far, they're easily on par in all of the tests.

One of the most anticipated chipset products of this year - Bearlake - is finally out. Next week we have a nice small roundup in plan with three or four motherboards coming our way. There should also be some DDR2/3 combo motherboards so we'll finally be able to see how fast is DDR3 when compared to DDR2. Stay tuned and make sure to check these out next week.

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