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Babrbarossa May 16, 2007 06:50 AM

MS Reclusa Gaming Keyboard review: TechGage
MS and Raxzer first teamed up quite recently for the successful venture that is the Habu Gaming mouse. Techgage looks at their latest unified foray into gaming keyboards: the Reclusa (it's an apt name for something a gamer would use- future suggestions: Shutinsa, or Arseisgluedtothechairsa).

One of the neat features of this keyboard that isi well suited to the gaming reluse who like to sit for long hours in the dark, is that the keys light up in a gentlr blue glow. There are also programmable key setting, a corner usb port, and command accuracy for up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes.

"Overall I think the Reclusa is a good keyboard, and I’m pleased that there were no big issues with the 1.00 drivers or firmware. While the eight-command limit on macros is a big disappointment, the Reclusa’s feature set is very strong at its price point, and future driver releases (or, dare I say it, hacks?) may eliminate the macro issue.
I think that the Reclusa would be an excellent value for a gamer that doesn’t already have a board with macro key functionality, and would also like a little bling without breaking the bank." TechGage scored it an 8/10


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Supergrover May 16, 2007 04:57 PM

I miss the feel of my old, I dont remember the brand(IBM?), keyboard that had the metallic clicky going on.
I find most KB's are to soft or to firm.

Goldilocks anyone.

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