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Default Single rank or double rank - what is better?

I looked into this before but now I can not find the documents I found then. I remember Kingston or Crucial having a very nice detailed technical descriptions of how this stuff works but they seem to have replaced it with a dumbed down version. A lot of the other stuff I have found is either obviously wrong (talking about the number of channels on a DIMM) or woefully out of date.

There is a tremendous amount of confusion surrounding ranks, banks, sides, and channels. This is compounded by the fact some of them frequently do mean the same thing by accident.

It seems that the going wisdom is dual rank DIMMs are better than single rank DIMMs. This does not make sense to me because dual rank DIMMs would be the same as single rank DIMMs with the added penalty of the rank selection delay. I admit I probably do not understand this fully; I am not an electronics engineer.

Does anyone have any really good links about this?

Thank you in advance.
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