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Trocko January 21, 2014 02:04 PM

DDR3 2400 Ram runs with 1 stick, but not 2.
So yeah, I got some Team Vulcan 2400 8gb DDR3 ram in the mail today from Newegg... it was 67$ for 8gb of ddr3 2400, so i thought what the hell, ill take my chances... APU's run better on fast memory, so i bought the fastest I could within reason...

I stuck the sticks in and they wanted to boot at 1333 9 9 9 24... I thought, okay, lets just TRY to run them at their rated freq.... 11 13 13 35 2400mhz... Post, windows logo, frozen. I took a stick ouit and tried it in each slot, and it booted fine in 1333 mode. Then I tried to boot both in 1333 mode, with 9 9 9 24 timings and it refuses to boot... So i tried the other stick. It booted fine in 1333 in both slots, but when i add the second stick, it refuses to boot...

SO, I thought, well, i want to see if they can even RUN at 2400, and lo and behold, they run at the posted 11 13 13 35, alone, in both slots, but as soon as you put both sticks in they wont boot....

ANY ideas? Im using an A55BM-A motherboard from Asus, but im replacing it soon with a Sniper a88X from gigabyte, if it gets here tmmrw. Maybe that will fix it.

I know the limit for speed on the mobo is 2133, but even at that speed, at the 2400 timinings, and 1.65v, it wont boot with 2 sticks.

Anyway, for the TL;DR,
Both sticks work at rated speeds in both slots, but they refuse to work together.

G777 January 21, 2014 04:00 PM

Did you check the voltage? You may have to set it manually to 1.65v

Dragonstongue January 22, 2014 01:06 AM

he said he tried at 1.65
did you try one of the XMP profiles or whatever they call them on AMD side, I know for my PH II to run 1866 I HAVE TO overclock the cpu-nb or it will not period. you could try one notch more on the ram voltage but 2400 is very fast speed for 99% of all AMD setups unless you overclock like mad, and even then it just may not be supported far as I recall the official spec for nearly all APU is 1866, so to run 2133 it needs to be overclocked and to run 2400 you just may not be able to.

That and not all ram is the same as in some boards will run say Corsair ram at 2133 4 sticks but will not run Gskill 4 sticks, dual sided single sided etc it all makes a difference.

Also just keep in mind the timings, the performance difference of 2133 at tight timings and 2400 at loose timings, the 2133 will win out 90+% of the time as its per clock performance will be higher though its bandwidth is lower(and even then its not a huge amount of gain) that and the dividers will come into play, loose timings on fast ram with bad dividers will give an even larger edge to the "slower" ram.

Trocko January 22, 2014 01:37 PM

Thanks for the tips! I did see something in Bios about having a 1.25:1 ratio for NB to ram speed, and 3ghz on the nnb.... kinda scares me.

It turns out one of the sticks is dead... it was working, but now it fails to do anything at all. Just going to RMA to newegg.

With 2400, it runs fine with the 7850k, at stock clocks. It is rated to only support 2133 though, so i could/should downclock for stability. The board is only rated for 2133 too, so for that sake, when I get it back I will run it at 2133.

The increase in FPS is crazy though.... The iGPU runs Skyrim at 20 fps with 1333 ram, MED settings, at 1280x1024, but with 2400 ram i was getting a solid 30+ fps...

Anyway, I hope the RMA does it :)

Again thanks!

mattydies January 27, 2014 09:58 AM

I don't know much about AMD CPU's. How do they fair with high speed ram? I know my SB-E 3820 can run ram @ 2400 (though many cannot as their IMC is not good enough). When I OC my CPU far enough I can no longer maintain 2400 and unfortunately I end up around 2133MHz.

Fudd Rucker January 27, 2014 10:49 AM

Hopefully I don't end up with a bad stick. Just ordered 32gb of these sticks . 270$ for 32gb DDR3 2400 was too damn good to pass up.

Flame02 February 9, 2015 08:54 PM

Same here. My build is sitting in boxes and I'm past the exchange period. Hopefully I will not have to RMA these.

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