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Default just a thought(from experience)

I'm running Crucial 2000Mhz mem @ 9/11/9/27/36/1T. I have a Phenom II X6 1090T @ 4050Mhz(16x250),
believe it or not, I use a Xigmatek AIO cooling system on it, and get good temps, very seldom over 54C, but I also back it up fan wise with a "pull" high cfm, 92mm fan which is governed with a potentiometer so I can back it down to reduce dB levels, which "are" high, but I don't keep my system in my ear either, so its not that noticeable. I use a 120mm low rpm, blue LED exhaust fan in the rear, as well as having another small old socket 478 fan over the heatsink area on the NB, and an even smaller(but monster cfm) fan above the AIO pointing down on the VCore1 and 2 area to keep that part of the mobo cool. HT is set to 2500/2150(?).

Now heres my point. I get windows performance scores of 7.7/7.7/7.7/7.7/7.9 (Win 7 64b Ultimate).
I use 2 Crucial M4 64Gb SSD's in raid 0, and see data rates of 840 or better at times.

Getting to the memory issue, I use a faster speed mem than what I need (thats what the "any-mem" button is for), and I kick it down, and tighten the timings up. I'm running the Crucial 2000Mhz where its supposed to be, but will be putting in some 2400Mhz mem, and setting it to 2133, and most likely get my mem scores up to 7.8, or possibly 7.9, depending on how good a kit I get. Mem kits are a lot like CPU's in that its the luck of the draw in many ways.

This seems like a rambling post, but think about the scores I get with the mem, the CPU, CrossFireX Sapphire HD 6790's that clock up to 900/1200 and never a problem with stability. I've been a builder for 17 years, and in the past, I did many crazy things with PC's that others hadn't, such as creating a water cooling system that I got -27C with! The trick was -no water, just antifreeze and a touch of alcohol. At the time, (socket 478 days) I was getting my 3Gig P4 to run @ 4.25, and never saw anywhere on 3DMark where anyone got near what I did without going all out to a Prometeia unit, which I went that route next just for kicks. In those days I spent tons of money on puters and engineering rigs that capped Quake III out at 1000fps, 1024x768, detail to the max.

Didn't write this to toot my horn, but if you put some thought into it, using high speed mem, then super tight timings is going to get you the best, and most stable performance.

I'd still be building radical rigs, but dead silent if I weren't busted up from crashing my bike in 2006, and crushing my spine. Lots of fun! I only wish I could get my cpu as cool as those stainless rods in my back feel, I'd be tickled pink! LMBO!!!

Anyway, I may never post again (due to health conditions) but wanted to toss my thoughts in on what I have done in the past, and still use as a rule of thumb, build with more than you'll need, crank it down tight, and watch it wake up! I boot in 13 second with my cheesy, out-dated rig. If you can afford it, try my method, and see what happens. I truly believe you'll be glad you did. Just water cool with a decent H20 kit, and maybe toss in a TEC setup "not" directly on the CPU, but placed on the radiator, and keep it regulated to ambient temps or just below, staying away from the "dew point", and you wont have a worry in the world, as your CPU will run at, or below ambient, with "no" condensation issues.

Forums look great here BTW guys. From what I can tell, the admins seem knowledgeable as well. Not like some forums made up of "would be-wanna be's" that don't really have any notches under their belts.

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