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Default DDR2 vs DDR3 In Modern Games

Hi Linus, As a PC Gamer and avid watcher of your videos over the past few years I have to say your doing an excellent job, you always put out very informative and educational content. I know you did a DDR2 vs DDR3 video a few years back but as its a few years later I was wondering if you could help. Is their a substantial performance difference in modern games as of 2011 and DX11 with the different standards. As someone who cant always afford the latest components but still consider my rig to be pretty solid. It was built a few years back and consists of a Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz, 4GB DDR2 800 RAM and currently hosts a GTX 560 (non Ti but OC to 900 Core/1800Shader) as it happens I get awesome performance in the latest games (Crysis 2, BF:BC2, Dirt 3 etc.) at 1080p & all high settings. But I guess what im getting at is what improvement could I get putting that same graphics card in with say a core i5 2500K and 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz in percentage terms. I would hazard that their are a huge amount of gamers like myself that have either PhenomII/Core 2 Quad systems built around DDR2 motherboards that have just continued upgrading graphics cards over the years with the same problem of when to plunge and upgrade CPU/Motherboard/Memory. Sorry about writing war and peace here but hope you can help.
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Hi there:
It probably would not be worth it to upgrade your motherboard, cpu, and memory, and then use the same gtx 560. You should only upgrade if you wanted to put a High end card such as a GTX 580 in your system, and since you're cpu is a little bit older, the theory is that the cpu would bttleneck the 580.

I think your best path to take would be to overclock your cpu a bit further and keep your current system a bit longer. When you feel the systems' performance in games isn't good enough, then instead of buying a new video card it might then be time to upgrade the whole thing. You might look into getting 'ivy bridge' which is supposed to come out spring 2012 i think.
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Thanks for your advice I will definitely give "Ivy Bridge" some research, and start to consider pushing my CPU a bit to get me through to next year (as well as save a few pennies). Although as a self confessed geek I would love to see those graphs as to how much the Phenom II or Core 2 Quad with DDR2 Bottlenecks a 580 compared the latest generation of CPU's. If only I had access to a warehouse full of PC hardware lol.
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