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Default RAM mini issue

Disclaimer: im new to custom building my own computer.
asus p8z68 deluxe mobo
8(2x4gb) 2000mhz ram
i5 2500k @ stock clock (for now, h100 in the mail for RMA)
gtx 580 lightning
mushkin enhanced chronos deluxe 120gb boot drive
1th WD caviar black for storage/backups
h100 cooler
simple asus cd/dvd burner
and an ocz 1000w psu
thermaltake lvl 10gt case

Ok so i built my first custom comuter about a week and a half ago and everything is running fine except a couple things. Before i bought all the parts I was looking for a motherboard that fit my color scheme, had the ASUS uefi (i like theirs better than anyone else's), and fit my needs which were pretty low.
On board usb 3.0 two was enough but four would have been great.
at least 2 sata 6gb not running on a marvel controller
had to support ddr3 ram
lga 1155 cause its a sandybridge build
and it had to be blue cause my case color scheme is white black and blue.
so i stumbled upon the asus p8z68 deluxe which i ended up buying. i had chosen to go with 8gb(2x4gb)of patriot ddr3 ram at 2000mhz. well i had glazed over the fact that the mother board didnt support 2000mhz ram. only 2133 and 1866. so i get the whole rig, put it together and i find my ram is running at 1066 in the uefi. so i then look up and realize my mistake. its no big deal really its only a little bit more money and it gives me the fast ram to use when i update my cpu. cause ill make sure i get the right mobo next time. (i might do ivy bridge idk ill have to see) i figured ill just bump it up to 1866 and that will be fine. so i go in and change the frequency to 1866 and the timings to 9-11-9-27 at 1.65v cause that is what the 1866mhz counterpart of the same ram i have is set to. so i save an reset and everything is fine and dandy. i open up cpu-z and look at the memory tab and it says my dram frequency is only at 936mhz. i then look at the SPD tab and the timings table has the timings i put in but idk what it says. The UEFI has the memory clock at the 1866 i set it to. how to read this stuff is unknown to me. am i doing it right? what do i need to do if im not right? ill include screens of cpuz.

BTW slot 2 and 4 is where my ram is and the mobo said to put em there. the cpuz screen is the exact same for the two slots.
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