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Eldonko February 8, 2008 02:10 PM

Mushkin 2x2GB XP2-6400 Contest
Mushkin 2x2GB XP2-6400 4-4-4 2.1V contest

Make up some sort of poster, painting, banner, you name it, something big with a Mushkin logo or name.Have someone in your family hold it up, and take a picture!
(By family, we mean, not you. ~_^. Mom, girlfriend, wife, kids, someone you would give a Valentine's Gift to.)
Take a picture of them holding up a banner with something Mushkin related. (Logo, picture etc.)
Be creative! Have some fun with it!

The judges will be Mushkin employees and the deadline is Feb 14th. Winner will be announced on Feb 15th!
Judging will be done on creativity, effort, and quality.

Head over to XS to enter. Open to Canada and USA. :)

-n7- February 9, 2008 12:01 AM

Good luck to all who enter.

This is nice RAM too btw!

When a n00b like myself with a crappy old mobo can hit DDR2-1080 with it...


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