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Old March 31, 2011, 08:00 AM
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Question Out of a strange curiosity... (question about channel RAM)

Hey all. I don't really have a situation at hand, I am really just curious as to what kind of a difference say dual or triple channel makes and perhaps a brief and or detailed explanation.

I purchased some triple channel RAM 2 years ago and I am not disappointed per se, as the performance has been outstanding as far as I can tell. What gets me is that I paid for 6GB of 1333 tri channel RAM... now I'm not sure if it's my motherboard or the RAM itself (I'm pretty sure it's the motherboard) but the RAM only shows up as 1066 in BIOS... -_-

Obviously this is more of an annoyance than anything, but I'm theorizing that if my motherboard wasn't such a pile and didn't give me trouble on a regular basis, I might actually be able to save the BIOS settings and tweak it so that it reads as 1333.

Anyways, could someone explain the difference between dual / triple channel and just regular non-channel RAM? I would greatly appreciate it.

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first of all.update yer bios :)

secondly, set the ram speed at 1333 yourself,if its not seen properly afterwards

on systems that can do x ammount of channels its best to make use of it, although the difference from dual to tripple
is not that big : Core i7 Dual Channel vs Triple Channel Memory Test - Ninjalane.com

InsideHW - Intel Core i7: Dual-Channel vs. Triple-Channel Memory Mode

to get dual you use 2 sticks in the appropriate slots,three for tripple etc.

rams all the same, its just the configuration when you put it in your pc.

okok,now some kits say theyve been tested in dual or tripple or quad channel, but nothing stops you from picking
up 3-4 different sticks and running the same.

its not like 10 years ago when you had better buy the dual channel kit or else!!! :p
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