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Old October 6, 2007, 05:55 PM
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2 gigs is enough and you can run them in dual channel as well..
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Default From Intel

Maybe this may help make you with your desision to get more ram.

If you run a large memory video card or 2 then the total ram of the video cards memory is taken away from the total ram installed in the memory address.
I have 4 gig of ram with 2 512meg video cards and the ram showing up in XP32 is 3 gig when I run Bios setting to remap the memory. If I dont run the remapping feature I have 2 gig and change.

From Intel......

This behavior is the expected result of certain hardware and software factors.

Various devices in a typical computer require memory-mapped access. This is known as memory-mapped I/O (MMIO). For the MMIO space to be available to 32-bit operating systems, the MMIO space must reside within the first 4 GB of address space.

For example, if you have a video card that has 256 MB of onboard memory, that memory must be mapped within the first 4 GB of address space. If 4 GB of system memory is already installed, part of that address space must be reserved by the graphics memory mapping. Graphics memory mapping overwrites a part of the system memory. These conditions reduce the total amount of system memory that is available to the operating system.

The reduction in available system memory depends on the devices that are installed in the computer. However, to avoid potential driver compatibility issues, the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista limit the total available memory to 3.12 GB. See the "More information" section for information about potential driver compatibility issues.

If a computer has many installed devices, the available memory may be reduced to 3 GB or less. However, the maximum memory available in 32-bit versions of Windows Vista is typically 3.12 GB.

The BIOS must support the Memory Remapping Feature.

The memory remapping feature allows for the segment of system memory that was previously overwritten by the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) configuration space to be remapped above the 4 GB address line. This feature must be enabled in the BIOS configuration utility on the computer. View your computer product documentation for instructions that explain how to enable this feature. Many consumer-oriented computers may not support the memory remapping feature. No standard terminology is used in documentation or in BIOS configuration utilities for this feature. Therefore, you may have to read the descriptions of the various BIOS configuration settings that are available to determine whether any of the settings enable the memory remapping feature. "
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Old October 18, 2007, 10:31 AM
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My System Specs


Windows XP 32 Bit or VIsta 32 Bit = no need for more than 2GB of memory. Period.
Windows XP 64 Bit or Vista 64 Bit = a worthwhile idea.

For me, 64 Bit Vista Premium just loves 4GB. Works better and I highly recommend it if you have the extra $$$. On a 32 Bit OS, all the limitations just scream don't do it.
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Old October 18, 2007, 10:43 AM
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I have been running with 4x1gb on 32 bit Vista for about 3 months now, with no problems other then windows not seeing more then 3.26gb. For games like Battlefield 2142, there is a noticeable performance boost with 4gb installed. With 4b, I can alt-tab out of the game without it crashing, maps load quicker and it is generally smoother.

For day to day operations, you won't see much an improvement running 4gb on a 32 OS but certain games do benefit from it.
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