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the_raver514 April 25, 2013 02:46 PM

price check on that...
hi im new to the amazing site and i want some advise about an old rig that i want to sell to a friend for his first gaming rig... feel free to write the price on each and overall. everything is tiptop even if its an old LGA775

Corsair obsidian 650D with side pannel + mesh pannel spare
Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1866mhz
Corsair H100 watercooling kit
Asus P5Q3
Intel Q9650 3.0ghz EO
1 OCZ vertex 4 128gb
1 lg dvd writer combo
1 Scythe 4 channel controller fans+temps
2 140mm cougar hydro fans
2 120mm cougar hydro fans
2 bitfenix pro 200mm LED
1 Windows 7 utimate 64 bits

and yes the guy is aware that he needs to buy PSU and VID card. i wont get rid of my Corsair HX1000W and Asus GTX 680 DCII 4gb with it :punk:

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