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AmuseMe January 22, 2013 07:16 PM

Mint Alienware M18x R2 (July 2012)
04/15/14: Thinking of putting this up again.

I am thinking of selling my M18x R2 Aleinware laptop. This monster has not left the desk it is on, and even with over 40 current gen game titles owned on steam, there probably isn't more than 2 hours into each of them, with many only seeing 15 minutes of game time. Simply put, I am not into gaming as much as I used to be.

Like I said, this laptop has not left the desk. I've had it since July 2012. Condition: 9.5/10

Windows 7 Home Edition Premium (Genuine)
Build 7601
Intel i7 3720QM (4C 8T)
16GB DDR3 (1600MHz)
Seagate (ST9750420AS) 750GB HDD
Samsung PM830 32GB Boot SSD
Hitachi HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD (Blu-Ray Reader)

Killer Wireless N 1103 Network Adaptor
GeForce GTX675M x2 (SLI)
Sound Blaster Recon 3Di

Paid $3500. What would be the value now?

Your_friendly_gamer January 22, 2013 07:28 PM


AmuseMe January 23, 2013 06:34 AM

That's the exact thing I was expecting to hear.
Time to take some pictures and maybe post it...

SKYMTL January 23, 2013 06:57 AM

Make sure you transfer the warranty information.

Not many people know this but Dell allows for warranty transfer on most of their products. I'm not sure if that covers Alienware but it does cover Vostro products.

You can read more here: Ownership-Tag Transfer | Dell

If the warranty can be transferred, the value of your used notebook will go up exponentially.

AmuseMe April 15, 2014 06:03 PM

Thinking of selling agian.

Your_friendly_gamer April 15, 2014 08:12 PM

right now, prolly around 1k

AmuseMe April 15, 2014 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer (Post 763176)
right now, prolly around 1k

At that price, it really isn't even worth letting go of lol.

DarkMasterMX April 16, 2014 07:46 AM

I'd say its worth more than 1k, but I doubt you'd get 2k for it. You best bet would be to try and kijiji it where the brand name holds a lot more premium selling power. Can probably get around 1200-1500, just gota make it look/sound really good :)

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