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Soullessone21 January 14, 2013 11:19 AM

Price check great running Asus P8Z68-V LE
Box and most accessories including the I/O of course
P8Z68-V LE

Thanks just need a price check 2 years left on warranty with proof of the claim

Mena January 14, 2013 11:23 AM


jibz January 14, 2013 11:29 AM

I'm thinking 60-80.

In the last few months z68 deluxe boards have been going for 80-100.

gingerbee January 14, 2013 12:49 PM

ya if you do sell it let me know i want that board just have to sell the other gear i got or if you wanna trade some stuff for it let me know

igot6strings January 14, 2013 12:53 PM

Might be interested here as well when you decide to sell. Just sold my i7 960 on ebay so I am eager to replace it with a bit of an upgrade(i5 2500k or 3570k).

gingerbee January 14, 2013 05:13 PM

sorry for the thread theft go with a 2500k i have had a 3570 and 3770 got rid of both cause of heat output 2500k will clock higher and performance is pretty much the same clock for clock

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