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chrisk November 6, 2012 05:41 AM

Acer a700 tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note I
Hey guys;
Got a couple of things here that I guess I should unload. Prefer to sell to longtime members and/or folks who fold or have already folded for HWC....

1. Acer a700 - this thing has official JB, which has greatly improved the responsiveness. Screen is amazing too, and the best sound I have experienced on a tablet. Purchased from FS in July, and I can include a case for it. I was actually thinking of keeping this over my Infinity after the KB update, but XDA support has persuiaded me to keep the ASUS. Still, both are very similar, with me preferring the screen and sound of the a700 actually.

2. Galaxy Note I - flash counter is raised, but it can be reset but I have not done so. Running stock everything right now. I can include the Spigen GlasT screen protector (already installed), and I have 2-3 cases for it as well. I will also include two Andida batteries and a charger for the batteries. Phone has never been used without a case and screen protector. Unlocked, and has been used in SE Asia with no issues. LTE does not work well around here (causes the phone to drop connections), but has been running HSPA very solid since April when I bought it. I would bu this phone for HSPA, but not LTE with my experience with it.

Probably selling these later this week or the next.

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