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howpet June 7, 2012 03:21 PM

775 Combo/ Part Out
I'm only posting this because I recently purchased an A8 setup and I'm getting kinda curious about it but I'm really hesitant to break the 775 down...Here goes...
Q9550 not sure on the stepping but it's entire life under water.
Asus Maximus 11 Formula....northbridge also under water
G Skill F2 8800CL5Q-4GBPI..Similar to this...G.SKILL-Products ..grey coloured heatsink on the set I have.
Feser 360 rad, 15 mm spacing
D5 pump with an EK top.

b1lk1 June 7, 2012 07:55 PM

Q9550 will get top dollar on Ebay, probably $200 or so. Lucky to get 1/2 that here. Mobo lucky to get $125 or so here, much more on Ebay. Ram likely $30-50 on Ebay, closer to $30 here. Water stuff will get decent money here.

I Ebay all older stuff now, worth the grief if you want top dollar, if you just want it gone then sell it here for less.

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