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m0pelley99 January 2, 2012 02:48 PM

AGP HD4670 and 1.5GB of DDR400
Hi there guys. My uncle has given me a HD4670 he bought for about $150 from Tiger Direct a year ago. Between me trying to get it to work in his computer and being away from town he's decided to sell it since he's looking towards a motherboard with HDMI on it.

Anyhow, he'd like to get his money back for this card... how much would it be worth nowadays?

Also have here some DDR400 memory. One is a stick of "Mr.RAM, 1GB DDR400, EP090314, hynix 907A memory chips", and the other is a stick of "Infineon HYS64D64320GU-5-B, 512MB, CL3". Both are double sided. Not sure if any of that means squat to anyone else, but it's worth a try to get the $40 my friend is trying to get for it. :haha:

supaflyx3 January 2, 2012 02:53 PM

video card: $40-50
the ram, probably around $30-40.

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