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Default Samsung Announces Blazing Fast 256GB SSD

Sick of hearing about SSDs? Don't feel bad, so do I. But this latest announcement is too good to pass over. Late March, Super Talent wowed us with their 256GB SSD, and how couldn't we be impressed? That's massive in the SSD realm. So was the price though, at $6,000.
That wasn't the only "downside" though, as the read and write speeds were not overly impressive, at 65MB/s and 50MB/s, respectively. Well, somehow, Samsung upped the anty so far, we can barely see it anymore. They've just announced their own 256GB SSD, but improved speeds to 200MB/s read and 160MB/s!
Go ahead and take a minute to sink that in. At those speeds, it's 2.4x faster than a standard hard drive. At those rates, file copying speeds would be incredible, but it would of course depend on the target medium. If you are copying a file off of this SSD to a standard hard drive, the raw speeds of the SSD won't mean much. But regardless, speeds like these are putting us in the right direction.
Pricing is of course not mentioned in the press release, but it wouldn't be surprising to see it hover around $8,000, or higher.

"With development of the 256GB SSD, the notebook PC is on the brink of a second stage of evolution. This change is comparable to the evolution from the Sony Walkman to NAND memory-based MP3 players, representing an initial step in the shift to thinner, smaller SSD-based notebooks with significantly improved performance and more than ample storage," said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Source: Samsung Press Release
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