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Babrbarossa March 21, 2007 07:10 AM

AMD mobile working to break 5hr battery life
Moving from Kite to Hawk

"AMD has big plans for its mobile processor platform and to fight Intel's Santa Rosa platform that will be launched in little more than a month it is planning to update its Turion platform. The current Kite platform, which extends to AMD's 90nm dual-core Turion processors and DDR2-667 memory will be updated to AMD's new Hawk processors. The mobile Hawk series first addition has been code-named Tyler and is a 65nm SOI Turion processor with support for DDR2-800 and Socket S1.
"At the heart of the 2007 Kite refresh is the RS690T chipset -- a low-power version of the RS690 chipset found on the desktop. Graphics are provided by a Radeon X700 derivative core; system IO functionality revolves around the SB700 southbridge."
Already during 2007 AMD hopes to improve the battery time with its portable Turion computer from 4h to over 5h. This will be done without the K10 architecture's power saving functions, which will arrive with the Griffin series in 2008."

From Nordic Hardware

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