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Old April 22, 2008, 01:31 PM
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Default Ready or Not, HDTV is Mandatory!

HDTV is a big entertainment train coming at the consumer 100 MPH. In the US it took a bunch of years to transition viewing from B&W to color. Now the government has said everything/everyone will go from SD to HD in less than three years and that finish line is next February. Networks and stations are moving to beat the deadline and they're well on their way. Set manufacturers can't wait for every household to make the transition even if the sets aren't as big (expensive as they would like). Content pipelines? Well sure, kinda. Ok so the squeeze the shows a little hard so it fuzzes up the quality of HD...sssooo?? The consumer? Sure! Right!! How much??? )

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Old April 22, 2008, 07:55 PM
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I knew about this like 4 years ago. Ah well we got HDTV already :).

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Old April 22, 2008, 09:49 PM
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I,m ready bring it on The more HD channels the better..
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Old April 23, 2008, 10:16 AM
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Default you are confused

Umm, you are wrong. All they are doing is making over the air (OTA) broadcasts digital. It has nothing to do with HD.

All this means is that your old analog TV is going to need a special box to convert the digital transmission to analog. Most TVs you buy today have a digital receiver built in anyway.

The states have also made the sales of TV's without OTA digital receivers illegal.
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