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Old April 2, 2008, 01:27 PM
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Two words for ya "Gridtie system" no batteries. I plan on using the electric co as my battery. Sell it to them @42 cents a KW/H (ain't capitalism grand) and then as I need it...USE it @ aprx 12cents a kw/h via the grid.
But your right this threat is getting way OT...sorry.
"If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe." -JR

“if your opponent has a conscience, then follow Gandhi. But if you enemy has no conscience, like Hitler, then follow Bonhoeffer.” - Dr. MLK jr
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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Hey Babrbarossa, what's the matter? Don't have anything useful to post so you figure you'll keep fanning the flames? Why not share with use what you do to actually lessen your footprint?
OK- I'll give it a shot (not that listing my contributions is particularly useful other than to toot my own horn). I won't, however, pretend that I'm perfect or even that I'm doing near what I probably should. These aren't necessarily all thing designed to lessen my footprint, but my adult life to date has been largely focused on sustainability and the environment:

- I am a terrestrial biologist specializing in wetland ecology and small mammals (particularly bats) I'm also currently finishing up a study on Lichen ecology. I now get paid to do this stuff but it's what I have worked toward for a long time.

-In addition to my formal education (BScF, MSc Biology), I went to the Ecoforestry School of the Maritimes for a year where I lived with no power and no running water and learned about sustainable small-scale forestry (using horses), organic market gardening, and landscape ecology.

-I horse-logged on small business licenses for two years in the BC interior (Quesnel area) also living in the woods with no power and no running water (selectively slavage cutting after pine beetle damage) I am not a tree hugger- i recognise that we all consume resources but I have always sought ways to use the forest responsibly

-Spent my two field seasons during my master's degree also living in the woods with two field assistants with no power or running water in the back country of Kejimkujik.

-Was the first to investigate what we have since identified as a disjunct population of bats (eastern pipistrelle) in southwestern Nova Scotia- nearest breeding population of that species is in Massachusetts. The NS population is very significant as it has been isolated long enough that preliminary genetic work (and my behavioural ecology work) indicates that it is liekly a separate sub-species at minimum and possibly its own species

-Our two vehicles are both four cylinder and fuel economy is the major decision factor in my vehicle choice. One of our vehicles (RAV4) is only rarely used when I need to reach remote areas on dirt roads for work- my wife and I commute together- there is no public transport available where we live.

-In my early 20's despite having a vehicle, I would always ride my bike to work when the season permitted- even when I lived 30km away.

-We grow vegetables organically, compost and recycle everything we can, and we produce one bag of garbage every two weeks.

-I insulated my foundation this summer to increase the heat efficiency of my house

-I buy locally whenever possible and if not local, then organic

-I was on the steering comittee for the forest stewardship council (FSC) when it first broke into the maritimes and contributed to the regional standards.

-My projects this summer will include a project to develop an experimental sustainable community in Oromocto NB which will feature a new type of distributed waste treatment - also two wind farms- I will be investigating the impact of these wind farms on local bat populations- will be doing several rare plant surveys around the province.

There are still alot of things I feel I should change in my lifestyle, like the fact that I live far from town so commuting is necessary (although when we bought this house we couldn't afford one in town). I also want to at least heat my hot water using solar power. I feel a little guilty about having a computer that draws 400 watts, and using baseboard heating which is one of the least efficient heating systems.

While I am far from the ideal "green citizen" I have spent a great deal of time, thought and energy on environmental/ecological pursuits so maybe you can understand why I find some of the things you've said in this thread a little offensive and have reacted accordingly.

But to return to one of the main points in this thread- the overwhelming majority of climate scientists believe that global warming is a serious threat and that it is a result of our activities- not because they feel it in their bones- but because they have conducted research and subjected their work to rigorous peer review and are familair with the body of scientific evidence. These are people who are very intelligent, very well educated, and have spent their lives specializing in that area.

And as for the other point- You can go ahead and break your arm patting yourself on the back for being such a good world citizen while decrying the rest of the world's ignorance. But how can you say in the next breath that an event designed to increase awareness of global environmental issues is useless. Of course people turning their lights off for an hour doesn't solve anything by itself, but the organizers of this event don't pretend it does. It's just an awareness excercise and it succeeds in making the world think about the issues more- this thread proves that very well.

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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
OK- I'll give it a shot....

Holy crap! I think you give David Suzuki a run for the money.
"this is not troll. this is real deal!" - hohohee

See the drop down!

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