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Originally Posted by Zealotki11er View Post
What i am trying to say is that you cant refer to Geforce LP in Tegra 3 as a 12 Core GPU. The difference with that and GPU in A5X is that that one actually has 4 Cores. If you look at it like that each SGX543 has 4 Cores inside so 16 Total. Tegra 3 is probably better because of the Quad core which helps it out more in Games that use 4-Core.
IIRC the T3 is a quad core CPU with 12 MADs. The A5x is a dual core "CPU" with 16 MADS. Apple just cherry picked some wonky old test - probably open GL based - and use it for its claims. In other words....nothing to see here. Lets wait and see what it can do in REAL tests. My guess is the Apple is going to be seen for what it is: overpriced, ultra restrictive, underpowered in CPU area BUT ultra refined...and probably about the same as the T3 based units in games..or maybe less as DRIVERS pay a HUGE role in game performance.
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