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Sam_Reynolds January 17, 2012 12:27 PM

Is a Samsung – RIM Deal in the Works?
During RIM’s decline of the last year, the company has had a war of attrition with Samsung on two fronts: in unit sales as well as in loss of top staff and executives. Now rumours from reliable sources are circulating that Samsung may by the company outright.

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Lsv January 17, 2012 01:11 PM

I work for a Canadian media company and I can say that in the past little while RIM advertising spending has gone up in all markets, way more than you'd imagine from a failing company. (good point below, my mistake)

I wouldn't be surprised if they do sell to Samsung and probably at less than 8.5 billion.

It's too bad really, RIM was our pride and glory. Now look at them... whoring themselves out to Koreans like a cheap Czech hooker.

Edit - blurb about their year start here - A Bold start to the year for RIM - The Globe and Mail

*edited for my aggressive writing :)

ipaine January 17, 2012 09:04 PM

Looks like there is nothing to this rumor.

Samsung says not interested in buying RIM | Reuters

chrisk January 17, 2012 09:09 PM

RIM isn't broke from what I have read. Lots of money in the bank actually.

Just not growing like their competitors, and falling back. There is life in this company yet but they have a lot of work to do to not go broke.

Squeetard January 17, 2012 09:28 PM

Fire everybody.

Jake_HT January 17, 2012 10:50 PM

Maybe they should make android devices?

I personally think blackberry OS is stuck in the past

LarkStarr January 18, 2012 07:49 AM

Hell, the devices themselves were stuck in the past until the launch of the 9900. (And even then... especially when you find this still relatively new phone being sold for $250). They're slowly playing catch up, but I believe it's going to get worse before it gets better for RIM. A new turning point comes with the launch of BB10. Basically if they don't screw it up (Playbook) and pair it properly with their devices, and perfect the android emulator, I can see RIM surviving for a while more. My gf's 9700 bold with OS 6 is absolutely -terrible-. I would have tossed the thing ages ago myself.

One curious thought I had is, I wonder how RIM would have done with WebOS.

Arinoth January 18, 2012 08:14 AM

You should have never upgraded your 9700 bold to OS6. Even though they offered to be rolled out to all devices that supported it, some of the older models (including the 9700) didn't have enough RAM to allow it to properly benefit from it. It was designed for the torch and slapped on the older models (I know this from beta testing OS6 when I was working at RIM).

Personally I am looking forward to this new playbook OS and all the features it offers. I do agree also RIM needs to step up their game big, but we'll have to see if they'll move fast enough to deliver or if they'll go the way of Nortel.

crazyhorsejohnny January 18, 2012 08:18 AM

Canadian company, I hope they succeed.

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