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Old December 16, 2011, 02:26 PM
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How much do you want to bet that when Win 8 comes out, Bulldozer won't see a meaningful performance increase in the applications 99.99999999999% of us use regardless of the SMP support?

I'm in for $50.

Any takers?
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Old December 16, 2011, 02:35 PM
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Edit my whole post since I miss-read your response:

Totally agree.
Win8 could probably take advantage of SMP(although not fully since Win8 is just around the corner), but software developers in general are unlikely to re-write that much of their programs. Although I'm not sure how much code would be involved.

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Old December 16, 2011, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
How much do you want to bet that when Win 8 comes out, Bulldozer won't see a meaningful performance increase in the applications 99.99999999999% of us use regardless of the SMP support?

I'm in for $50.

Any takers?

AMD is jamming square pegs into round holes. Their marketing jargon for the bulldozer release was atrocious. I thought they were on the right track for a while with their 6 core phenom II part that was <$200. But releasing this Rosemary's Baby AKA Bulldurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *cough* Bulldozer at a $250+ dollar price point which gets absolutley destoryed by the 2500k for $210 and is most of the time slower then their Phenom II part is an absolute joke.

AMD is the laughing stock of the tech world right now.

After they tested the performance internally they should have just delayed bulldozer for another year or two and got it right. Instead, they tryed to pull wool over the consumers eyes with their "ooooooooooooh shiny 8 core awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". They should have known in the PC Enthusiast market people don't just go and by things randomly, we look at reviews, benchmarks and real world performance.

tsk tsk AMD, when will you learn? Hopefully their new CEO will get them back on track. But honestly unless their next CPU architecture is revolutionary like bulldozer was supposed to be, they should just get out now and let NVIDIA take their place to battle intel.
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Old December 16, 2011, 04:29 PM
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Its actually laugable to try and blame BD's ...."issues" on MS. AMD has to live in the real world and in the real world 99% of their customers run Windows. If it has crap performance on what most customers are running...you do NOT blame the software, you FIX the issue. Doing otherwise is a failure to understand the market. Either they need to fire their beta testers....OR their hardware team's mmgt who pushed this abortion.

Its my understanding that what MS did was to basically make the OS "see" the BD's as a 4C/8T (or 3/6...and prolly 2/4 if the low ends come out) processor....just like it really is. The upside is the OS will load 4 threads onto the four actual cores instead of doubling up on a real core and a fake / "hardware hyper threading" core like what was happening all to often (and thus the cries of AMD fanbois saying that the OS is to blame...and not AMD for admitting that it was NOT a true 8 core cpu). The downside is once a 5th thread demands time....the processor performance will go back to tanking. I bet AMD's marketing dept REALLY CRINGED when they saw that even MS doesnt believe their "its a eight core processor" hype.

The thing AMD fanbois fail to grasp is once windows 8 comes out and assuming it has all the the improvements the fanbois WANT it to have (this is MS we are talking about so Im not pinning much hope on it till windows 9....or 11 comes out :P) is that Intel's way of doing things will also net their processors a boost in performance. AMD needs a miracle...lets hope their ATI division and their new blood influx WORKS and they kill BD asap and replace it with something that actually WORKS.
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Old December 16, 2011, 04:55 PM
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^^ AkG have something here,
While soft aren't optimized for BD, it wont change anything that BD is still probably a fail.
Ask for more

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Old December 16, 2011, 05:42 PM
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i dont get why any one at all is trying to save BD it doesnt work like it was supposed to so drop it like its F**king burning hot and just update phenom ii with the stuff that actually works from bulldozer like SOI, the new mem controller, power gating, and well 32nm of course and call it a phenom iii and be done with it hell they'ed probably perform closer to sandy than bulldozer does now.

/end rant
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