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Babrbarossa February 15, 2008 05:46 AM

Woman sues Geeks squad 54M: lost laptop
This story is a couple of days old, but I had to post it because while this woman probably won't win her lawsuit, Worst Buy well deserves the negative PR that this story will bring so I feel compelled to spread it. from DailyTech

The saga of one crazy suit began with Best Buy customer Raelyn Campbell's purchase of a laptop computer from a local Best Buy store in the D.C. area. A Best Buy staffer talked her into buying a $300 extended warranty. The warranty includes coverage by Best Buy's service technicians -- "Geek Squad" -- for three years, and replacements of defective hardware free of charge.

Her laptop indeed experienced hardware malfunctions within a year when her on/off switch broke. At that point, Campbell breathed a sigh of relief that she purchased the warranty and took her laptop in
to Best Buy. She turned in her laptop in May and was told that it would be up and running within two to six weeks. This was a major inconvenience to her, as she was a frequent business traveler, but she figured she just should stay optimistic that it came as soon as possible.

In July an 'Agent David Goodfellow’ told Campbell that the laptop would be "ready within days". A call several days later informed her that the laptop was not ready, and was in fact still at the repair center. The rest of the month concluded with continued assurances that it was going to leave the repair center in no time.

By August, she returned from a business trip to Asia and still had heard no new word from Best Buy. Feeling concerned she called the store and asked to speak to the manager. She was told the manager was in a meeting, so she left a message. Her phone call was never returned. She eventually tried calling again and another employee 'Cicero' listened to her story and searched the store records, and informed her that he discovered that "[The laptop] never appears to have left the store."

A few days later he called her back and informed her that it appeared that the laptop was lost in store, without ever having been shipped out. While Campbell says that 'Cicero' was considerate and helpful, she was extremely angry that the other store employees had been apparently outright lying to her.

While 'Cicero' promised that he'd try to get the store to compensate her, nothing happened. After weeks of calling, Campbell was finally informed that she could accept a $900 dollar gift card, far less than the $1,100 she paid for the laptop and $300 she paid for the warranty. Angered and insulted, she wrote a frustrated letter to Best Buy's management detailing the situation, on August 24. She rejected the offer and demanded $2,100 in cash.

Best Buy outright refused her demands and she heard nothing from them by October. So Campbell told her friends and family members to write Best Buy and complain. Her friends did and received a surprising response from the store's general manager, Robert Delissio in the form of a surly email. In the email Delissio stated, "For every customer that has had an unpleasant experience I can show you hundreds who have had a great experience. I have been in retail for a long time and the one conclusion I have come to is that not every customer can be satisfied. Does my store have opportunities? Absolutely! What I can say is that we strive to deliver the experience that every customer deserves to receive."

NuxTux February 15, 2008 06:51 AM

Why is she going after Geeks? Shouldn't she be goign after the stone, that the staff at the store never sent in her notebook into the servicer center? Maybe kept the notebook for there own use.
Lol I find it funny that she said that she asked for "$2,100 in cash." Why cash tho? Its not like she is going to get taxed on it or something is she? Or is it that she just wants to look demanding? What is the manufacturer of the notebook by the way?

sswilson February 15, 2008 07:20 AM

One more reason to avoid the extended maintenance warranty that BB & Futureshop offer.

The "maintenance" they hope to do mostly involves looking at it and informing you that it's not a hardware problem... anything beyond that becomes an exercise in finger pointing and lack of service.

Any business which takes a product in for repair should at the very least offer a direct replacement if they somehow cause the loss of the product, and don't get me started on how long it takes for them to actually carry out a repair!!!!!

AkG February 15, 2008 07:21 AM

"What I can say is that we strive to deliver the experience that every customer deserves to receive."

LOL Is it just me or is the Store Manager actually admitting that If you are stooooooopid enough to buy there and get the sucker extended warranty you deserve what you get?

On a serious note I think when it says 2,100 in cash it means that she was looking for a "cash settlement". It doesn't actually mean "pay me in small non-sequential bills", it is a term used to mean that she is willing to settle "out of court" for 2.1K cash/cheque/stock options/blood/etc as acceptable methods of payment ;)

sswilson February 15, 2008 08:11 AM

One of the first things I checked out when we were shopping for a big screen LCD was the availability of a local repair facility.

Samsung has one in HFX, thus I didn't need to count on Futureshop to provide me with repair work beyond their (I think it's 30 day) standard "ship it to the manufacturer for repair after this" store repair/replacement warranty.

NuxTux February 15, 2008 09:05 AM

When I had an issue with my N64 not turning on. I just bought a new one and and switched in the broken one and took it back. I done his with other things to like when disc-man were in style. I had one that stop reading.
I had a sony disc-man and it was going to take around 2-4months to get it fixed and I had to pay for shipping.

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