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FiXT February 7, 2011 02:00 PM

Scythe Launches Mine 2 CPU Cooler
Japanese cooling specialist Scythe hereby officially announces the launch the new high-end CPU Cooler Mine 2. The Mine 2 CPU Cooler is based on a twin cooler Layout. Eight copper heatpipes transport heat to two generously dimensioned cooling blocks. By placing the fan in between the 2 heatsink towers, intake as well as exhale airflows are optimized... [ Read full article ]

Iphikratous February 7, 2011 02:26 PM

Looks like a Mugen 2 with a slot cut out of the middle!

howpet February 7, 2011 04:07 PM

Every manufacturer seems to be going Bigger,Badder,Heavier assuming that heavy O/Cing is the norm. I'd like to see more midrange quality coolers like Thermalrights Ultima 90. Not everyone needs this much cooling.

_dangtx_ February 7, 2011 04:16 PM

nice,big though :p

ultima 90? still have one or two left in service, excellent coolers for their size/weight.

they dont make them anymore i think, though

jurassic1024 February 8, 2011 02:45 PM

Zalman Flex + Coolermaster Sickleflow 2000rpm 120mm = :)

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