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Old September 30, 2010, 06:09 AM
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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Has anyone checked to see how much bandwidth is used while streaming HD content? I've heard it is CONSIDERABLY less than the advertised 2GB/hour, which makes me question the quality of the content. Do they have Dolby 5.1 for their content? It's also understandable that it is less than the advertised 2GB since people would deinfately complain if it was more than that so they gave themselves some leg room. I haven't tested it myself so I'm not sure if what I heard is true. How does the HD stack up to bluray?
I checked the live bandwidth and I was pulling from 5 to 6 meg a sec, so its reasonible. The HD content looks pretty good for streamed stuff, so I'm not too worried. When I was working for my old place we calculated around 7 meg for HD 1080p content, so that sounds about right.

EDIT: and yes they have 5.1
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Old October 9, 2010, 06:34 AM
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Signed up for Netflix the other day. So far no major complaints. Selection is limited but I'm confident that content will expand once license issues get sorted out. Netflix could very well put an end to the big rental chains in Canada. Within the last few months 2 Blockbuster and 1 Rogers video rental store have closed their doors, and countless mom and pop shops in town have closed too. Soon Netfix or it's eventual competitors will be the only option for people to get movies. I predicted that the proliferation of services like Netflix will be the catalyst for change in the infrastruture and rates for Canadian internet providers.

How long before Rogers gets their act together and offers the same service? One potential way they could package for example would be sign up for Rogers Movies at Home for 20 dollars a months and recieve unlimited bandwidth for all Rogers customers. That right there would put the brakes on Netflix. Perhaps Blockbuster could partner with Bell/Telus to provide a similar service. The problem with big companies these days is that their CEO's are no longer visionaries as they were in the past. To often companies are reactive vice proactive and that curtails advancement. It boogles my mind that the CEO's of Roger/Blockbuster didn't anticipate Netflix or similar service eventually making it north of the border. It's not as though Netflix just started, they've had almost 10 years to plan for it's arrival or to launch their own service in Canada. Netflix breaks North of the Border and these dudes act all surprised like they didn't see this coming and their first and only reaction is to slap their loyal customers with lower bandwith and higher fees for overages.

This type of short sightedness is not just evident in the Telecomm sector it's everywhere you look these days Government, Auto Sector, Manufacturing sector, it's everywhere. Highly educated bafoons who can't see past their noses. I'm glad the Rogers is reeling, I'm tickled pink that Blockbuster is about to enter bankruptcy. And I'm happy as a pig in shit to give my 7.99 a month to a company with the balls to take these mofo down. Perhaps Netflix will start an indepentant ISP service to support their expansion.


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Old October 31, 2010, 07:21 PM
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Anyone with Netflix, you have to watch what we are watching now: "ThanksKilling".

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Old October 31, 2010, 07:25 PM
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just inform... my elder registered it for trail... my impressive... its not good service (no option or language or whatever)... and especially most of those movie is old...

i will reconsider if this service release more recent movies... and good option (or configurations)
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Old October 31, 2010, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Yup loving netflix. Watching a lot of movies now and it was great when my cousins came over because there is a lot of stuff for children. Not bad just wished it had more titles but in time they will come. I figure even if I just watch 1 movie a month it is worth it because it costs just as much to rent from Rogers for just 1 movie where netflix I get unlimited.
Just curious but can someone tell me what is available for kids. Thanks.
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