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My System Specs

Default Shadowmephs news Nov 30

Plastic Optic-Fiber to Power Up Internet Speed

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology said Monday that it has developed an optical fiber made of plastic that can increase home Internet speed by 25 times, theoretically. The research team led by Hwang Seung-sang said it has succeeded in making a home network system using the new data communication cable after six years of experimenting. The plastic optical fiber can transmit electric data at up to 2.5 gigabits per second, while most home Internet lines, made of copper, can carry only 100 megabits of data per second.
The plastic fiber is expected to be a highly practical solution as a ``last-mile'' link between town-to-town data cables and personal computers, they said.

Man I wished I had that kind of speed.

anyway *Full Story Plastic Optic-Fiber to Power Up Internet Speed(The Korea Times)

For all you Windows Messenger Peeps ;
Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta Now Available on Microsoft Connect!!
Microsoft is expected to officially open the beta program for Windows Live Messenger 9.0 this afternoon (or early evening). Windows Live Messenger 9.0 is the next generation of Windows Live Messenger, this release is a "major" release and as such there will be no further interim builds for Windows Live Messenger. The beta program for Windows Live Messenger is by invitation only and those invitations were sent out last week on Tuesday -Wednesday (the 21st, and 22nd respectively). Currently the program has been limited to 5,000 testers and will later be expanded to a larger group.

As reported by several sites, the program was not put on hold at all due to the feature list being leaked over the holiday weekend, additionally, sites also reported that some testers had already gotten the build and that was just a rumor. Coincidentally, almost all of the sites that had posted the feature list for Windows Live Messenger had politely removed the list of features.
News source: The Windows Blog

Samsung rolls out coolest 1TB drive

Samsung has begun shipping its F1 series 1TB hard drive promising the world's highest recording density using only three disks. The Serial ATA 3.5in F1 Series run at 7,200rpm and provide a higher data storage density per platter by using three disks, resulting in faster data processing. Samsung also claims that optimised electronics and power saving modes reduce power consumption and resulting heat dissipation to make the F1 the coolest operating 1TB drive on the market.
"Based on published specs for Samsung's F1 Series and similar products from other suppliers, Samsung's has the best performance and lowest power consumption of any product in its category," said Mark Geenen, president at analyst firm TrendFocus. Perpendicular magnetic recording with Samsung's flying-on-demand head technology improves recording stability over changing temperature ranges, according to the company.
View: The full story @ http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2204625/samsung-coolest-1tb-drive

Windows Vista 32-bit vs 64-bit: Which one is right for you?

It's no secret that 64-bit computing is becoming more and more mainstream, and OEM's and system builders are increasing the capabilities of their products by including more system memory (RAM), faster processors, and larger hard drives. Most 64-bit processors on the market today (like the AMD AthlonTM 64 series and the Intel CoreTM 2 products) can run 32-bit code blazingly fast, and as such, you will find that most system builders are still shipping 32-bit Windows operating systems by default.

On a personal note I don't (so far) care for the Vista OS I had it when it was in the Beta stages and have tried all sorts of different versions of this software and it never really grew on me , but I have never had a 64 bit system and with the systems being built now days ( duo quad cores) you can run vista pretty smoothly and
even though I have AGP graphics I do run a slimmed down version of server 2003( like I said I don't care for Vista) I am wondering why isn't all the newer games more 64 bit compatible? My system can run allot of games but I am starting to notice some games I cannot run because the newer games are moving towards the vista OS so why not just make it 64 bit or at least 64 bit compatible.

Updated Dec1

Mozilla Swats Firefox Bug With a Patch

By Brian Prince
November 30, 2007

Mozilla has issued a fix for a bug found in an update issued earlier this week.

It is the first time ever Mozilla has released two versions of the open-source browser in the same week. When Mozilla released Firefox Monday, it included a bug in its rendering canvas HTML elements. Canvas elements allow for dynamic, scriptable rendering of bitmap images in HTML.
"The bug affects a specific use case of the Canvas tag, which is not yet in wide use," said Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Mozilla. "We used our standard process of releasing a beta to tens of thousands of users and had no reports of this issue prior to the full release of Once we became aware of the issue, we worked overtime to address it."
The new version, Firefox is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for free download.
Click here to read more about security updates in the new version of Firefox.
According to the company, those users with Firefox 2.x will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. The update can also be applied manually by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu.
According to the company, those users with Firefox 2.x will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. The update can also be applied manually by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu.
Acknowledging some users may be upset about the presence of the bug, Schroepfer said the product was thoroughly tested before it was released.
"Firefox code is reviewed and tested by tens of thousands of people worldwide," he said. "While this regression is unfortunate, it impacts a small minority of uses on the Web, and most importantly once it was discovered it was addressed in a matter of days. Thanks to our open process anyone in the world can participate in testing and fixing issues such as this."
Check out eWEEK.com's Security Center for the latest security news, reviews and analysis. And for insights on security coverage around the Web, take a look at eWEEK's Security Watch blog.

Wearing a Computer at Work

"The European Union has funded an ambitious project related to wearable technology. The project, named WearIT@work, will end in one year and invested funds are expected to exceed 23 million euros. The goal is to replace traditional interfaces, such as screen, keyboard or computer unit, by speech control or gesture control without modifying the applications. This wearable system is currently being tested in four different fields including aircraft maintenance, emergency response, car production and healthcare."

Wow I think thats very different almost SCIFI

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LOL, it sounds like you are running either a variant of "Mircro2003" or "2003 eXPerience edition".
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My System Specs


Who Me lol Yes I am I have all his versions of OS
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