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FiXT June 8, 2010 10:03 AM

Apple iDevices Now Powered by iOS
Apple finally has an official name for the many iDevices utilizing the mobile focused operating system it developed for the iPhone; which can also be found in the iPod touch, iPad and who knows what else in the future. The name iOS, complete with Apple "i" moniker, has been licensed from the original holder, Cisco Systems, from an undisclosed sum a... [ Read full article ]

Jaquith June 11, 2010 10:46 AM

"iOS" - How people/companies spend their monie$ is beyond my comprehension?!

As an owner of an iPhone 3GS I cannot wait for "iPhone OS" 4; hopefully it will become available [when] the iPhone 4 is released - [BUT] I've got a "feeling" it will come out at least 2-3+ weeks or longer after the iPhone 4 is released as not to hurt iPhone 4 opening sales.

While multi-tasking is nice I like the stability "as-is" now. The added FOLDERS & SPELL CHECKING is about freaking time!!! I was shocked that this major upgrade is FREEEEEE!!!!!!!

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