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Old December 14, 2009, 04:05 PM
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The new Pentium is going to be an 1156 CPU with 2 cores and 2 threads.

If the rumours about the 980X 6/12, 3.33GHz are true then we might see a lower clocked 32nm hexacore, all the samples/leaks I've seen show 3.07 default. Similarly the ESs floating around before i7 landed officially were 2.93 unlocked. So Intel may have a range of two or more hexas waiting in the wings, the rumoured 930 may be a 32nm 2.8GHz hexa rather than a 45nm quad as the rumours suggest.
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Old December 15, 2009, 07:22 AM
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Default Core i7, not i9 !

nobody noticed that the futur hexa-cores on LGA1366 will belong to the Core i7 family ? so the title is wrong..
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Old December 15, 2009, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by dr_dream View Post
nobody noticed that the futur hexa-cores on LGA1366 will belong to the Core i7 family ? so the title is wrong..
Yes - The news (with proof) of the fact that the new Gulftown CPU's would be labelled under the Core-i7 banner was found/announced on Monday the Dec 14th '09

At the time I wrote the article (Dec 11th), the best speculation that anyone had - who was not under NDA - was that they would be labelled under the Core-i9 banner. Aside from a few "friend of a friend" or "I know the lead engineer at Intel" reports, i9 was the more common association with Gulftown.

We will be posting news today/tomorrow about the Core i7 leaks and name change in a new article.
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Old December 15, 2009, 09:39 PM
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Anyone want to pre-order one of my kidneys? I want one! :P
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Old December 17, 2009, 06:31 AM
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Default Learn the corporate world please

Look, it isn't the developer's fault by the way. You either need to learn how the corporate world works, how IPCs work or all of the above.

Firstly, assume I have a job as a developer at Video Editors Inc. and our Video Editor renders using a single thread and finishes on that single tread as well. My team and I develop some high-level organization and briefly go about a quick and dirty plan so I can present this to management. At the management meeting I throw them the idea of funding our idea and explain the pros and cons of going multi-process/multi-threaded, not in detail but whatever it means to them as a funding body. The ball is in their game, never the developers.

Secondly, not every problem in the world can be solved more efficiently by splitting the job up into smaller parts. Without going into the details that is just how it is.

Also, the work in open source software isn't nearly as funded as a corporate product so a lot of the developer's can only justify spending some very specific time slots to their projects. Taking a code base from UP to SMP is akin to solving the entire problem all over again with a very different mind set.

By the way, parallel and serial software APIs has existed LONG before dual cores ever kissed the desktop owner.
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