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FiXT November 30, 2009 01:31 PM

Cooler Master Releasing Excalibur 120mm Fan
A quick note on a new fan being released by Cooler Master, dubbed the Excalibur, that looks to bring a few changes to the world of fan products. The Excalibur is a 120mm fan that distinguishes itself from others with a unique honeycomb metal frame that promotes airflow, a detachable 9 bladed fan which should make for easy cleaning and Barometric Ba... [ Read full article ]

ayah November 30, 2009 02:47 PM

27$ fan, jesus. I'd be curious to see how they perform in the real world though.

Andy November 30, 2009 03:01 PM

All the have to do is price it on par with the Noctua's and they will sell. :thumb:

miggs78 November 30, 2009 04:26 PM

Copying Gelid's technology, or sort of.. Although the fan looks sweet..

kiwik November 30, 2009 05:50 PM

30 DB at 2000RPM, yeah right. :blarg:

Polygon November 30, 2009 08:11 PM

Meh, $27 is too much for a fan especially when you need 5 or 6 of them.

Bojamijams December 1, 2009 06:26 AM

Most importantly.. what is the static pressure? Is it a good rad/sink fan or not?

MpG December 1, 2009 08:13 AM

How exactly is the honeycomb frame supposed to promote airflow? If anything, I would expect that to create turbulence where it's not wanted. And the straight edged fan blades make me skeptical as well. But I suppose the proof is in the testing itself.

CMetaphor December 1, 2009 08:17 AM

I honestly don't see this fan as being useful for watercooling, since any restriction in the airflow of the fan will make all the pressure bleed out the sides of the honeycomb frame. It is more likely that this should be used as a quite case fan, since I believe that those same honeycombs will reduce the buffeting noise when the edge of fan blade spins within the tight shroud of its frame.

I agree with MpG, we'll have to see a review to know for sure.

Unregistered December 1, 2009 08:54 AM

The best fan edge is not out in the market and this makes me think are the people who make fans stupid? The most powerful edge you can have on the fan blade is with angles like the humpback whale fins. They used them on a new wind mill and got much higher power from lower speed rotation. So leww drag why don't they make the fins on case fans like this!

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