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FiXT November 4, 2009 11:15 AM

Guest Commenting Now Available
A quick announcement regarding the opening up the Press Release & Tech News section for Guest Posters.

As we often have many visitors that may not be regulars to our forum, but just an occasional browser or hotlinked in, we have opened up our comments section for them to join in on the discussion without registering for the forums.

With that we do highly recommend guest posters take to the time to sign up so they can subscribe and participate to discussions they enjoy, and unlock the other great features of the forum.

When posting as a guest, please choose a unique username and fill out the human verification captcha to post your message. All guest comments will be manually moderated so it may take some time before your message shows up.

As regulars, if you see spam, or inappropriate comments made by a guest, please report it immediately. Also, this feature is NOT intended to be abused by registered members in order to post anonymously. Registered members found breaking the forum rules while posting anonymously will have action taken against their primary account or IP address.

Jake_HT November 4, 2009 11:18 AM

Seems like it'll work. As long as there is that random character/word verification, and a "report bad post" button, I welcome this idea.

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