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Old October 22, 2009, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Bojamijams View Post
Clearly its not a rendering API, I'm saying Glide was a proprietary standard in the face of open ones like D3D an OpenGL and look what happened to it

DX11 has already been demonstrated to be a better revision.. better graphics AND better performance, unlike DX10
Sorry they said the exact same thing when DX10 was coming out after DX9 and how it was going to change the way we looked at games and how it was going to change the gaming world as we know it.

Then people went out and bought these big beefy DX10 cards and realized why? The difference in DX10 wasn't worth it and people were still happy using DX9 and XP.
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Old October 22, 2009, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Bojamijams View Post
How does PhysX being used on consoles mean anything for Win7 though? Its still going to die though.. proprietary crap like this is not going to survive in the face of an open standard.. its Glide all over again
I can't say anything due to NDAs and whatnot but who is to say that PhysX will never be accelerated through OpenCL and not play an integral part in Nvidia's DirectCompute 11 push?

Dirt 2 will be out before Fermi is out.. as will battleforge.. so nvidia is not ready for DX11 despite their claims
Dirt2 is ONE GAME. Have you tried playing BattleForge? IMO, it isn't even worth the DVD it is on but we can go on and on talking about the merits of game design. For now though, I am staying far away from looking forward to DX11 after being hosed by DX10's promises.
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Old October 22, 2009, 01:52 PM
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My System Specs


I've used both ATI and NVIDIA and I think both are great just NVIDIA folds better for now so thats what I'll use in most cases :)

In all honesty though it all comes down to if you want to spend the big bucks either company offers cards that can easily rip through any game out there today.

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Old October 22, 2009, 04:34 PM
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My System Specs


Well I care about nvidia 3d vision. As soon as a 24" 120hz I am going 3d. Have you ever been to a new 3d movie at a theater? It is freaking cool. You have to remember that hundreds of games support nvidia 3d and and a whole lot of movies too. It isn't just for games. It is certainly MUCH cheaper then going to the theater a lot and paying for the expensive food.

Physx is BY FAR the greatest physics engine for PC and console. I guess you never played any of the really good physx games/tech demos. You also haven't seen the fermi physx demo either.....

It is in 3d so it is blurry to us.
YouTube - NVIDIA GTC 2009 Fermi (GT300) Real Time Physics Demo

Oh and DX11 ya when are any good games coming out with it? Not this year. Dirt2 and Battleforge don't FULLY support DX11 yet. It is just a patch like Company of Heroes is DX10. So it is bull to say they are DX11 when they merely added like 2 features long after it was in the works. You wont see full DX11 games for awhile because it hasn't been fully released to game developers and it takes many years to make a game. I think this is the time we will see some very good DX10 games by now because DX10 has been out long enough for games to be made from the ground up on it.

Oh and ATI's cards are faster for now but they are only a small increase. So it isn't something I would go crazy over. Also we don't know the performance of ATI's cards in DX11.

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