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Old January 17, 2010, 10:41 AM
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Default a note for the gamers

since this review popped up and almost nobody has addressed this fully, I'm going to leave a note of it here.

after reading this review and my dad already having the TV on the way, i was pretty sure that the TV was going to manage input lag reasonably well according to this review. Well, no, please modify your game mode page please.

After testing a few sources, 480i ps2, 480p wii, 720p ps3, with 3S, IIDX, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and BlazBlue, i've come up with a couple of conclusions.

The difference without game and with game mode is gigantic. I didn't bother making any sort of measurements without game mode because things were practically unplayable, i'm talking at least 5-6 frames of lag on estimation alone minimum. Good luck landing close forward link into SA1 with akuma, am i right? It sucked to say the least. I mean, the ps3 menu lagged to the point where my dad managed to notice my HRAP3 was off from the TV.

Measuring within game mode, I was feeling about 2-3 frames of lag through all the systems. So it was consistent at least. However, as pretty as it was, I just wasn't landing Taokaka's dancing edge bnb at all, much less her taunt combos. 2-3 frames is probably just acceptable for most games not as time sensitive as the ones in question at least.

I realize this was a layman's review, but even in partially competitive FPS play, lag of several frames is unacceptable.

This was through the component inputs, I will test HDMI and VGA as soon as I get the means of doing so in about a week hopefully.

Thanks for your time.
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