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elmorejohn46 November 30, 2012 01:02 AM

Has anyone has to RMA to PC Power&Cooling
I was just wanting to know RMAing a power supply to PC Power&Cooling is it quick or is it a hassle like some companies.I started not to even mess with it since that was the first power supply that I ever had that blew up on me.But it seems to get good reviews and I guess there is always one bad apple in the bunch.I sent it off around a week ago and they have had for two days ,it shows they recieved it and it says to be replaced ,but no tracking number or nothing.Not even a email saying they recieved it.But I looked it up on there RMA page and got what imformation they had.

elmorejohn46 December 6, 2012 02:40 AM

I Guess not .They had it over week and half and I hopeing they send a replacement because the person I talked to said it would go to there repair shop first and if it could'nt be repaired then they would send me a replacement.

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