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Old September 26, 2012, 08:53 AM
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by PcWizTech View Post
Okay two quick questions.

1) Are you saying i can buy a 120v output PSU and it will still work here in spain?
Yes, as ST said, any PSU worth its salt today has auto-voltage sensing to switch from 110 to 220 or vice versa.

2) Secondly, the PSU in my pc is 650w. Do i need a UPS higher than 650w? I might just get something about 800w
Probably not. The "VA" raiting on UPS is indicative of the total energy storage on the UPS. Just because you have a 650w PSU doesnt mean it is outputting 650w all the time. Thats just the maximum it can safely provide to your components. Your normal draw off that PSU (and thus the UPS) will be much less. The UPS size really just depends on how much runtime you want after the power goes out. APC's website has a drop down menu to select your wattage use, and how much runtime that will use. Most medium to high end PC's (with monitor) use (VERY roughly) 100-250w at desktop. If you're gaming when the power goes out, you could be drawing 400+w.
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Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
I'm a self certified whizbang repair technician with 20 years of professional bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about
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Old September 26, 2012, 09:49 AM
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
Touche salesman! You're correct, as my XFX doesnt have a switch. Guess I'll have to start saying "Well back in MY day, we had to flip a switch before walking our dinosaurs uphill, bothways to work!" And the plugs I was just clarifying on a bit better as to why he could use yours We work well together ST. You should buy me more beer as a reciprocation for my hard work.
Indeed we do, though I think you should ring the bell in the bar before me for buying a round. Or sit in the chair (if you know what I'm talking about that is awesome lol).

I know though, back in the day of questionable parts and such we all had a PSU that had voltage switches on it. Old habits die hard.

@OP - You will actually find that your components pull half of what you think they do, grab the unit I linked or one step down from it (the 1000/800VA) and that should give you more than enough run time.
Plus you can even set the software that they come with to shut your system down for you.


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My System Specs


Edit: Ill look further into this when i can, ill let you guys know what i came up with.
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