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Old April 4, 2008, 09:52 PM
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Default 750W vs 1000W

current setup:

- 620hx
- x2 5000+
- 2 x hd3870
- one hdd + one dvd


- Phenom 3850 quad
- a third HD3870
- more power??

I overclock everything, and I don't want to push a power supply past 75% or so of its max output. So who thinks my existing Corsair 620HX will handle a quad core and 3 GPUs? Who thinks I need to upgrade? And should I get a 750W, or a 1k, since the price difference is so huge?

The only future upgrade I might do one day is get yet another video card for quad-crossfire. Would the 750W handle that? Or should I just get a 1000W and be done with it.

Also I have a mid-case, and I'd like to cram watercooling into it as well (lol), so I'd like to avoid a huge power supply. I also don't want something made for a server case with a 4 foot long 24-pin that takes up half my case. I love modular power suppliies, but the 1KW modular units get real pricey.
Mobo: DFI 790X-M2R
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