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geoc March 28, 2012 06:38 PM

Are noctua fans sufficient as a PSU fan?
When I built my PC, I went all out for silence. I have 3 radiators in my case, with no fan running over 1000rpm.

But one thing I disregarded was the PSU, I went with the OCZ EliteStream 800W PSU, and right now it is the only component that is preventing my computer from being completely silent (the PSU is quiet, but it is not silent). I had a older OCZ 400W PSU that was absolutely silent, so I never thought much of it.

The question, I kind of want to replace that fan with a Noctua one, but do Noctua fans push enough air so replace a fan that is on a 800W PSU?

ilya March 28, 2012 06:50 PM

Most people around here will probably tell you to get another non OCZ unit. Seasonic's are quiet across the board and the higher end ones are either near silent or completely silent. Not to mention quality will be in a totally different league, even with cheaper Seasonics.

To answer your question, it should be enough if you aren't loading the unit past 50%. I wouldn't risk it though, the only redeeming factor for OCZ PSUs is the stellar warranty service and replacing the fan voids that.

supaflyx3 March 28, 2012 07:02 PM

Yes it'll be fine to cool it, but i think OCZ uses 135mm fans.

Ed103194 March 28, 2012 07:09 PM

I cant think of why not, i switched the fan out of my ocz gamexstream because it caused alot of noise, put a cooler master r4 at 1000-1500rpm. Just adjust your fan speed according to the heat produced inside the psu

ilya March 28, 2012 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by supaflyx3 (Post 615711)
Yes it'll be fine to cool it, but i think OCZ uses 135mm fans.

Most PSU's that advertise 135mm fans actually use 140mm fans, it's actually just an annoying patent troll that prevents manufacturers from calling them 140mm fans.

Dragonstongue March 29, 2012 01:21 PM

Noctua fan should be plenty fine, its not blasting a ton of air so really high loading might cause overheat issues, but most power supplies are open enough to prevent backpressure so you do not need ALOT of static pressure. OCZ power supplies are at best mediocre there is so many others way better. HX750 is a wicked good one, Seasonic has lots that are excellent as does XFX, to my knowledge the newer gold/platinum from Enermax as well as believe it or not Rosewill based on specs alone are very wicked and decently priced power supplies.

Noctua, Scythe GT, Coolermaster Sickelflow or R4, Even some of the Xigmatek CLF/XLF would work plenty fine. Anything that can pump alot of air at decent volume should work well, something the Scythe GT have and are great at is very good pressure at lower rpm(as long as the air is not "blocked") which in a psu fits the bill really good.

Silent_Avenger March 29, 2012 08:07 PM

I'm with ilya I'd just swap out that PSU for a better brand and most of the are perfectly silent with no fan or only start the fan when at 50% load.

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