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zinwei December 12, 2011 04:44 PM

corsair psu whining
I had built my pc and I found out that my corsair psu is crying with high pitch of noise. I search all over the world, almost, and some of them said asus & gigabyte MB have compatibility issue with corsair psu, and some of them said the noise is actually came from MB, which I am not certain.

tricks have done so far:
1. unplug my gpu
2. disable EIST & C1E
3. upgraded my gpu driver

cpu : i7 2600k
mobo: asus p8z68 v pro/gen3
gpu: asus gtx 570 dcii
psu: corsair hx650

anyone has this problem and do you have some trick to overcome this? I would try to do some tricks to get risk of this temporary or permanent, as it is very hard to claim warranty in my country, if I do claim warranty, I need to wait for 3 more months due to location problem.

Any advice or help is appreciated . Thanks

Galcobar December 12, 2011 09:57 PM

Jump-start the PSU (How To: Jump Start A Power Supply (PSU) / Test A Power Supply And Components) to find out if the whine is coming solely from the PSU. If it is, then try stopping the fan momentarily to see if it's the fan, or an electronic whine. If the whine stops, you could be looking at the motherboard, or an interaction between the motherboard and the fan. Separate the two and use your ears.

zinwei December 12, 2011 10:03 PM

I've jump start the psu and try to listen whether the noise is came from psu and I confirm is from psu, probably is electronic component, not fan.

I am considering of switching to other brand, Xigmatek, is Xigmatek good? while doing so, I will send it back to the reseller to test it out and also claim warranty.

Adzsask December 12, 2011 11:38 PM

RMA it, corsair will take it back if it whines, my GS800 whined so I emailed and they sent me a shipping label for the box even.

wonton1017 December 17, 2011 01:57 AM

5 of my corsair psu's did that, it didn't bother me that much though.
I had TX750 (didn't whine), TX750V2(whine), HX650(whine), 2x HX850( both whine) now a HX1000(whine).

On the other hand, my other "lower-end" OCZ modxstream PSUs never whined and neither did my Antec Truepower New 750 and 650s.
The Corsairs don't whine when i'm not gaming, they only whine when it starts drawing tons of power: Furmark, BF3 and etc.
I changed my motherboard from p8z68-v pro to asus maximus gene-z, and now finally to asrock fatal1ty gen3 z68 pro series, they all whined so it wasn't my motherboard.

It's usually the power supply or graphics card in my situation. My single GTX570 was whining horribly, switched to 2x GTX560ti 2gb version, it stopped half the whining. But my corsair PSU continued to whine.

A popular and guaranteed fix, if it only happens when your PC is drawing a lot of power, is to just enable VSYNC. (I hate VSYNC when playing FPS games though, so like i said, I live with the PSU whine)

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